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Toma Valley Homes is founded on the principal that we design and build every home, or renovation as if our own families were going to live and use the space. We take it as our personal responsibility to ensure that your hard work, passion, patience and dreams come to reality. Just as you have poured countless hours and heart into designing the life you want to live, we at Toma Valley Homes will match your efforts and heart to not only make your dream a reality, but to also help you savor and enjoy every step in the process of watching your dreams become a reality.


Allen Toma has been designing and building since 2000 in the Northern and Southern hemisphere. Past notable projects range with organizations such as the Melia Group, Novotel Group, Iberostar to iconic Toronto developments in neighborhoods such as Lawrence Park, Cricket Club, Forest Hill, Ledbury Park, Leaside. No matter the scale of the project or the client, Allen Toma’s core principal is to understand the passion that drives its clients and the vision that they have for their dream, then convert that vision with the same passion and quality of construction into reality, and maintaining the belief that quality will never be compromised in the same way as it would when building for his own family.


Our philosophy for any project, large or small, starts with extensive pre-planning and organization. After construction begins, we understand that any deviation from a set plan will cost our customers time and budget. It is for this reason that Toma Valley Homes employ’s in-house interior designers that are included in every project at no additional cost to our clients. We believe wholeheartedly in involving our hand groomed interior designers to help our clients break down whatever scale of project they have decided to tackle into manageable pieces regardless of your experience or knowledge in construction and design.


What if you notice a defect in the construction or material of your home after you moved in. What do you do? Or maybe you notice that some of the materials promised have been substituted for different ones without your authorization. Perhaps there’s a dispute between the builder and home-owner. Everyone has heard such horror stories, and that’s why the Tarion Warranty (as part of the Ontario New Home Warranty Program) was put into place by law, required for all builders of new homes in Ontario. Based on extensive research with consumers and ongoing consultations with the Ontario Home Builders Association, Tarion protects homeowners from defects in work and materials for up to seven years and will intercede if builders fail to honour their warranty obligations. Toma Valley Homes is proud to participate in the Tarion Warranty as it gives homeowners insurance on the quality of workmanship and materials we promise.

There are many people involved in residential land development, home building and the professional renovation industry in the Greater Toronto Area. So how do you know who is operating with the same values you uphold? How do you know if they believe in the same moral and legal standards? All of that matters when you embark on the construction of a building, no matter what its size. A builder needs to trust the trades people he’s working with and know that they will show up on time, have the craftsmanship skills they claim and work to the standards promised. The Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD) is a club of like-minded business professionals who engage in the industry with a similar code of ethics and who work together to discuss issues and facilitate communication between stakeholders, including all levels of government.

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