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Toma Valley Homes recognizes that building your dream home starts with a dream and ends with your dream coming true, but in between requires the lighting precision of timing, budget and Expert guidance.

Custom Building

Our experts will help guide you through the process of Consultation on Land Acquisition, hiring Architects, Surveyors and Planning Lawyers, as well as direct involvement in Architectural design.

We also assist with Value/Custom Engineering, Building permits, Committee of Adjustment approvals, Ontario Municipal Board approvals, Interior/Exterior materials selections, and finally Interior Design planning and stylization.

Consultation & Design

The benefits of having all our experts under one roof allows us the flexibility to provide an “a la cart” service to our customers that aren’t sure yet which project suits their budgets or expectation.


At Toma Valley Homes we are confident we can help guide you through the process so that any daunting task gets broken down into digestible steps for any home owner with any level of experience.

Project Management

Our Project Management services provide you with the peace of mind that an experienced pair of eyes are there to oversee the work of your subcontractors and designers for interior designers, builders, custom design and more.


We offer an objective point of view based on a wealth of knowledge in construction methods, articulate all of your concerns, and represent your interests during every phase of the project.


Our expertise in home renovation projects extends to every room in the house, whether it be a complete kitchen redesign, basement overhaul, or whole new addition to the house.


Our expert designers will turn your current home into your dream home in a much quicker and less costly manner than you would face in purchasing a new home.


We execute all projects with these values, every time.






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